CEPS Ideas Lab



CEPS Ideas Lab 2017 - Reconstructing the Union

In the span of just three years, the CEPS Ideas Lab has grown to become one of the main events on the Brussels' calendar. With over 100 speakers, 2 plenaries, 33 sessions, 4 special evening sessions and 4 breakfast sessions, the latest Ideas Lab, which took place 23-24 February, was a resounding success.

CEPS Ideas Lab 2016 - An EU fit for purpose?

Held on the 25th and 26th of February 2016, the third annual CEPS Ideas Lab was once again an overwhelming success, an event unlike any other in the crowded Brussels calendar. With over 100 speakers, more than 700 participants, and 52 nationalities represented, it managed to grow without losing its informal and inclusive nature.

CEPS Ideas Lab 2015 - More or less Europe?

More or less Europe? was the ambitious question that CEPS tabled at its second deas Lab, 26-27 February 2015, at which high-level decision-makers and shapers from 11 different policy domains shared their expertise on the many complex challenges facing Europe. Nearly 600 participants from 34 different countries contributed to the discussions.

CEPS Ideas Lab 2014 - Does Europe matter?

CEPS launched the first Ideas Lab on 3-4 April 2014, offering more than 500 participants the opportunity to engage in three sets of highly interactive debates across 10 thematic streams – the Labs. These 30 different debates were then merged in stages first into five so-called 'Face offs' and then finally into a  plenary session.