06 Nov 2018

CEPS to speak on Cyber-Finance at Lisbon’s Web Summit


This year, CEPS will be represented at the Web Summit, now taking place in Lisbon from 5-8 November, by our CEO, Mr Karel Lannoo.

On Thursday, 8 November, Mr Lannoo will be speaking at an invite-only round table on “The EU: Setting the standard in the digital world“.
Later that day, he will also be part of the panel discussion on “Bridging the gap: Moving en masse to blockchain” together with David Chaum (Elixxir), Christina Alfonso-Ercan (Madeira Global) and Robert Hackett (Fortune).

Cyber-finance is an issue that demands urgent attention from policymakers and banks. In our recent policy insight “Cyber finance challenges demand a unified response“, Lannoo underlines the need for a uniform policy response at both European and global levels.

“Fintech is depriving banks of important sources of revenue and raising questions about the adequacy and sustainability of bank business models and their legacy systems. Blockchains may in theory be very secure, but the technology is still immature and they are very energy intensive,” wrote Lannoo.

This lack of a uniform approach is threatening not only the traditional business model of banks, but also how we are able to deal with international cyber-attacks and large-scale money-laundering.

For more information about CEPS’ research on cyber-finance or Mr Lannoo’s speaking points at the Web Summit, please contact Harold Tor, Head of Communications.