26 Sep 2012

Women’s Labour Market Performance in Europe

Trends and Shaping Factors

Angela Cipollone / Eleonora Patacchini / Giovanna Vallanti

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The objective of this paper is two-fold. First, it aims to assess recent trends in women’s employment and labour market participation with a focus on the changes in the ‘type’ of occupation (temporary vs. regular and part-time vs. full-time) women are involved in. Secondly, it examines the role played by the interplay of macro-institutional factors and policies and individual characteristics in explaining the observed trends and cross-country differences by means of a multi-level approach. In particular, it questions the role that the reforms towards a model of a ‘flexicure’ labour market have played in explaining recent trends in women’s participation.

Research for this paper was conducted as part of the NEUJOBS project, financed by the European Commission’s 7th Framework Programme. Angela Cipollone is a researcher at LUISS University and CeLEG. Eleonora Patacchini is at La Sapienza University of Rome, CEPR, EIEF and IZA. Giovanna Vallanti is at LUISS University, LuissLab and CeLEG.