07 Dec 2009

Why Europe Fears Its Neighbors

Fabrizio Tassinari


Working from a unique viewpoint, this volume demonstrates how the European Union’s fear of its neighbors reflects Europe’s identity crisis—and challenges its survival. Europe has developed a siege mentality. Whether immigration or terrorism, trafficking or energy shortages, some of the most daunting challenges shaping the political agenda of the European Union coalesce in the ring of countries that surrounds it.

Taking a novel approach to the current situation in Europe, foreign policy analyst Fabrizio Tassinari transforms external policy concerns about Europe’s neighborhood into questions about Europe’s internal future. His contention: that the situation on Europe’s periphery is an unforgiving mirror of its identity crisis, institutional paralysis, ineffectual foreign policy, and morbid fear of migrants and multiculturalism.

Looking at each of the countries and regions surrounding Europe, from Russia and Turkey to the Western Balkans and North Africa, Tassinari unravels the challenges facing the EU, weighs the record of its policies, and explains how both can be traced back to Europe’s inherent insecurity. Turning conventional wisdom on its head, he argues that gradual and diversified forms of integration with its many neighbors is Europe’s best alternative to a progressive, but inexorable fragmentation of the EU. The ability to meet this challenge will not only test Europe’s unfulfilled global aspirations, it will be crucial to its very survival.

Published by Praeger
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