14 Oct 2015

What direction for Turkey? A plea for political reconciliation

Umut Uzer

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Author: Umut Uzer

Series: EPIN Commentary   No of pp: 4

Even before the recent terrorist attacks in Ankara, Turkey was a country in crisis. In this EPIN Commentary Umut Uzer attempts to shed light on the political turbulence and increasing polarisation in the country, and makes a plea for a return to consensus-building ahead of the fresh round of elections in November.

The author also calls upon the EU to offer incentives to Turkey to continue on the path of EU membership, but if membership is out of the question, then other platforms for cooperation should be negotiated. The EU should speak in a candid manner and make clear what kind of future relationship it envisages maintaining with Turkey, because now, more than ever, cooperation is in both their interests.

Umut Uzer is Associate Professor at Istanbul Technical University.