01 May 2005

Update on the Ratification Debates

What Prospects for the European Constitutional Treaty?

Sebastian Kurpas / Justus Schönlau / Marco Incerti / Julia De Clerck-Sachsse

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Results of and EPIN Survey of Nationa – EPIN Working Paper No. 13, 30 pages

Since EPIN’s first monitoring report in January, the issue of the European Constitution has grown in relevance and visibility in many member states. Yet there continue to be important differences in how the individual aspects of the text are perceived in the various national debates. This update of EPIN’s survey on the progress and obstacles to ratification of the European Constitutional Treaty provides a snapshot of the approval processes in the different EU member states at a crucial point in time, just before the vote in France and the Netherlands. The paper draws from EPIN network experts in the 25 EU countries and offers a reassessment of the probability of ratification.