14 Dec 2009

The Union for the Mediterranean: What has it changed and what can be changed in the domain of security?

Eduard Soler i Lecha / Irene García

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IN:EX Policy Brief is the fourth in the series so far and focuses on Euro-Mediterranean relations in the field of security. It analyses the treatment given to the security agenda in the Barcelona Process, noting that regional conflicts have undermined the development of cooperation in this field and that the partners have opted for the more pragmatic approach of bilateral or sub-regional frameworks. The paper also looks at the new Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) and finds that, as far as security cooperation is concerned, there is a significant degree of continuity: the UfM remains hostage to the Arab-Israel conflict, while attempting to work on politically less sensitive issues (such as civil protection) and exploring more flexible formats. Given this situation, the authors, Eduard Soler i Lecha of the Barcelona Centre for International Studies (CIDOB) and Irene García is of the Mediterranean and Middle East Programme at CIDOB, argue for a redoubling of the EU’s efforts towards a Middle East Peace Process, and for a strategy on how to deal with security cooperation, even in adverse situations.

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