27 Jul 2016

Understanding the Circular Economy in Europe, from Resource Efficiency to Sharing Platforms

The CEPS Framework

Igor Taranic / Arno Behrens / Corrado Topi

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This paper aims to rethink the concept of the ‘circular economy’ through the prism of its relevance to its many stakeholders, ranging from public and private actors and mature and emerging industries to cities and regions, SMEs and multi-sectoral corporations. The paper presents a schematic framework, which breaks down the circular economy into eight fundamental building blocks and shows how they are interconnected in relation to the multiplicity of involved actors. Coincidentally called “CEPS” (short for Circular Economy Progress for Stakeholders), the framework is used to develop recommendations addressed to European policy-makers on how best to support the transition towards a circular economy in the EU.

Igor Taranic is Research Assistant in the Energy and Climate Change research unit at CEPS. Arno Behrens is Research Fellow and Head of Energy in the Energy and Climate Change research unit at CEPS. Corrado Topi is Senior Research Fellow at the Stockholm Environment Institute and University of York.

Please follow this link for a Powerpoint presentation highlighting the main points of the paper.

Please follow this link for a PODCAST about the publication and the concept of the Circular Economy in general.