06 Dec 2013

Unblocking the Lifeline of Talent

Matthias Busse / Christal Morehouse

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Against the background of looming demographic decline, the departure of the baby-boom generation from European labour markets and growing economic competitiveness from emerging economies, this CEPS Policy Brief, published jointly with the Bertelsmann Stiftung, looks into the potential benefits of increased intra-EU labour mobility. The authors examine the ‘German case’ on EU labour mobility, digging below the surface of the aggregate data. They offer proposals on how to foster a European fair deal on talent, one that would benefit the EU as a whole. The paper concludes with policy recommendations on how to increase the potential benefits of the freedom of movement for both individual EU citizens and for the EU as a whole.

Matthias Busse is Research Assistant in the Economic Policy Unit at CEPS and Christal Morehouse is Senior Project Manager for the Bertelsmann Stiftung.