20 Apr 2016

Tomorrow’s Silk Road

Assessing an EU-China Free Trade Agreement

Jacques Pelkmans / Weinian Hu / Federica Mustilli / Mattia Di Salvo / Joseph Francois / Eddy Bekkers / Miriam Manchin / Patrick Tomberger

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This book offers an independent, wide-ranging and in-depth analysis of a possible Free Trade Area between the EU and China. The design of the FTA is suggested to be ‘deep and comprehensive’, with extensive qualitative evidence in nine different domains of such a FTA, including investment. In addition, it provides a cutting-edge quantitative impact analysis (based on the newest CGE modelling).

The study, commissioned by the Foreign Trade Association, was carried out by CEPS, in cooperation with the World Trade Institute (WTI) at the University of Bern. Jacques Pelkmans, CEPS Senior Research Fellow, served as overall study leader and Joseph Francois, Managing Director and Professor of Economics at the World Trade Institute, led the WTI team.