14 Jul 2009

Time for Action: Immediate Priorities for the Next European Commission

Arno Behrens / Sergio Carrera / Christian Egenhofer / Michael Emerson / Anaïs Faure Atger / Daniel Gros / Elspeth Guild / Karel Lannoo / Julia De Clerck-Sachsse

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This CEPS Policy Brief is a collective work by a group of CEPS researchers aimed at providing an action plan for the next European Commission. Priorities have been set in four selected policy fields where concrete action is needed immediately: reform of financial sector regulation and oversight, climate change and energy policy, Justice and Home Affairs and the Common Foreign and Security Policy. These fields are crucial to fostering a recovery of the EU economy and allowing the EU to become a real actor on the international scene. Taking the actions proposed will stabilise the economy and set the EU on the right course out of its current limbo, allowing it to become a more relevant actor on the global scene as well.