04 Nov 2008

The Elderly Poor in the EU’s New Member States

J.C. Vrooman (ed.)

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European Network of Economic Policy Research Institutes (ENEPRI) Research Report No. 60 / 284 pages


To what extent is the financial position of the elderly in the NMS more vulnerable than that of the old member states (or the EU-15), due to a rather unfavourable starting point and the possible impact of pension reforms? This is the main issue of the current research report. It tries to delineate the vulnerability of the income position of elderly people in the NMS, in relation to the demographic, socio-economic and institutional context of these countries. More specifically, the report focuses on:
– the current level of income of the elderly in the NMS, and the degree of relative poverty;
– the way this position is related to the educational and labour market status of the elderly in the NMS, their retirement behaviour, institutional arrangements (notably the pension system), and demographic developments;
– specific problems regarding the income position of possibly ‘marginal’ elderly groups in the NMS (such as single elderly female pensioners).