20 Jul 2012

Technological Solutions Potentially Influencing the Future of Long-Term Care

Angelo Rossi Mori / Roberto Dandi / Marta Mazzeo / Rita Verbicaro / Gregorio Mercurio / Esther Mot

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This report provides a forecast of the potential direct and indirect influences of various kinds of technologies on the LTC milieu, answering the following question: from a technology-driven perspective: “Consider each technological solution. What could be its future usage in the LTC sector?” Future technological deployments will induce changes in the respective roles of the care recipient and of the formal and informal carers, with an impact on three major concerns: the transformation of the care recipient into a proactive subject, the augmented potentiality for home care and the new functions that informal carers could assume.

The main editor of this report was Angelo Rossi Mori (CNR). Roberto Dandi (LUISS), Marta Mazzeo (CNR), Rita Verbicaro (CNR) and Gregorio Mercurio (CNR) made substantive contributions. Esther Mot (CPB) performed quality revision.

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