24 Mar 2020

Study to gather evidence on the working conditions of platform workers

Zachary Kilhoffer / Willem Pieter De Groen / Karolien Lenaerts / Ine Smits / Harald Hauben / Elisa Giacumacatos / Willem Waeyaert / Jean-Philippe Lhernould / Sophie Robin-Olivie

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This study provides an overview of the challenges faced by platform workers and details the variety of policy responses in EU countries.

Platform work is understood as all labour provided through, on, or mediated by online platforms in a wide range of sectors. The work can be of varied forms and is provided in exchange for payment. While many platform workers are considered self-employed, their employment status remains a core issue, because it is often difficult to distinguish between genuine and bogus self-employment. Further challenges include the information available to the workers about their working conditions, dispute resolution, collective rights and non-discrimination.

This Final Report presents a deliverable for the “Study to gather evidence on the working conditions of platform workers”, funded by the Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion of the European Commission (VT/2018/032). This project was awarded to the consortium composed of CEPS, Eftheia, and HIVA-KU Leuven. The consortium gratefully acknowledges the funding of the European Commission in carrying out this research. This study is originally published on the EC website.

An executive summary is available in English and in French.