14 Dec 2007

The Social Dimension in Selected Candidate Countries in the Balkans

Country Report on Turkey

Fikret Adaman / Ali Carkoglu / Refik Erzan / Alpay Filiztekin / Begum Ozkaynak / Serdar Sayan / Sinan Ulgen

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European Network of Economic Policy Research Institutes (ENEPRI) Research Report No. 41 / 74 pages

The European Commission awarded a contract in November 2005 to a consortium composed of the TARKI Social Research Institute (Hungary), CASE, Center for Social and Economic Research (Poland) and CEPS to analyse the socio-economic developments and the process of structural reforms in what were then four candidate countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania and Turkey. The objective was to identify the major challenges in the current demographic, social and economic context that could be considered relevant in determining the capacity of these countries to function in the European Union. This study presents the findings for Turkey and consists of an analytical section and a statistical annex. The other country reports and synthesis report are published separately in this same series.