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Banking fragility rooted in justice failures Evidence from Ukraine
Research Paper

Securing EU Growth from Services

by Federica Mustilli / Jacques Pelkmans
12 October 2012

Securing EU Growth from Services

Federica Mustilli / Jacques Pelkmans

This report explores the untapped growth that could result from the better functioning of services markets in the EU and aims to bridge the gap between the policy debate and the latest empirical economic analysis in this field. The authors find ample scope for further economic growth in the EU, both from the reform of domestic services and from the deepening of the ‘single services market’. Domestic and EU-level services reforms are so intertwined economically that indeed we may speak of a ‘double dividend’ and, for the eurozone, a ‘triple dividend’.

Federica Mustilli is Research Assistant at CEPS and Jacques Pelkmans is Associate Senior Research Fellow.

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Securing EU Growth from Services
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