05 May 2010

Sectoral Approaches to Climate Change: What can industry contribute?

Noriko Fujiwara

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This study explores ways to integrate industry in the process of designing and operationalising sectoral approaches to climate change according to a guideline that could be agreed in Cancún in December 2010 or later. One possible effective form of industry’s contribution could be their participation in a consultative body based on a public-private partnership and tasked to steer this process. This report identifies three possible conceptual models of such a consultative body: an informal advisory body, an independent organisation financed partly from governments and partly from industry sectors and a UN body. Each model could constitute a different phase for evolution of the new body. A first step for further research can be taken with an empirical study on the existing institutional arrangements. Based on the empirical study, the conceptual models can be further elaborated and tested with stakeholders.
Noriko Fujiwara is Research Fellow and Head of Climate Change at CEPS. This paper resulted from the study on global sectoral approaches financed by the European Commission (DG Enterprise).