25 Jan 2012

Sector-specific Activities as the Driving Force towards a Low-Carbon Economy: From the Asia-Pacific Partnership to a Global Partnership

Noriko Fujiwara

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From 2006 to 2011, the Asia-Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate (APP) provided a non-legally binding framework based on a public-private partnership to support projects towards clean development and climate objectives in seven countries in the region. The seven partner countries concluded that the APP activities were successful and could lead to other successes in similar initiatives with similar working formats. For an example, three of the eight sectoral APP task forces (on power generation and transmission, cement and steel) are to continue their activities under the Global Superior Energy Performance partnership (GSEP).

A recent CEPS study commissioned by the European Commission showed that a majority of participants viewed information exchange and networking in APP activities as valuable in themselves and access to existing technologies and know-how as beneficial. Factors perceived as barriers included a lack of funding and a lack of capacity for data collection and management. This Policy Brief builds on the key findings of the study done for the Commission, incorporating updated material and policy recommendations and specifying where EU involvement could be most effective.