08 Jan 2013

In Search of a New World Monetary Order

Daniel Gros


CEPS Director Daniel Gros contributed a chapter entitled “Transforming the ESM into an EMF as Part of the IMF” to this set of proceedings of a conference held in October 2011 on “The international monetary system: Sustainability and reform proposals”, organised in Brussels in October 2011. The book aims to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Robert Triffin (1911-1993), whose life and works are recalled by historians and witnesses. There follow analyses by academic economists and officials of monetary institutions concerning the malfunctioning of the current system, the role it has played in the crisis, both global and European, and possible reforms. They show in particular that the well-known “Triffin dilemma”, which he brought to light in 1960 in his Gold and the Dollar Crisis, has remained unsolved and lies at the root of many contemporary problems.
Year of Publication: 2012

Editors: Alexandre Lamfalussy, Bernard Snoy and Michel Dumoulin

Publisher: Peter Lang Publishing Group

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Price: €30 in soft cover and e-book