01 Jul 2005

Russia – EU Relations: The Present Situation and Prospects

Sergey Karaganov / Timofei Bordachev / Vagif Guseinov / Fyodor Lukyanov / Dmitry Suslov

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What is the real scope of the interdependence and cooperation between Russia and the EU? What do the partners want from this cooperation and how may Russian-EU relations develop in the future? And which of possible cooperation models is the most advantageous to Russia? These were among the salient questions addressed by a group of distinguished Russian experts in Russian-EU relations, government officials and businessmen at a workshop held in January 2005. The group even explored the highly controversial possibility of Russia joining the EU in the future. The present report sums up the conclusions drawn by the participants in the workshop and shows their agreement or disagreement on the issues discussed. Moreover, the report contains recommendations for Russian governmental institutions.