03 Jul 2014

Rounding out a satisfactory Trio Presidency: Greece sets the stage for its Italian successor

Sonia Piedrafita / Caroline Conroy

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Expectations of the Greek presidency were not high: the budget was limited, the legislative term was drawing to a close and the European Parliament dissolved in mid-April for the elections. However, Greece made the most of its resources to progress on some very important dossiers and brought about a satisfactory close to the Trio presidency previously held by Ireland and Lithuania.

The Greek presidency managed to finalise work on the Trio priorities, mainly in relation to banking union, the Digital Agenda, the competitiveness of EU enterprises and the Compact for Growth and Jobs. It also advanced legislation to tackle tax evasion as a necessary complement to spending cuts, and set the agenda for migration and maritime affairs, in close cooperation with Italy.

Sonia Piedrafita is a Research Fellow and Caroline Conroy is a Stagiaire within CEPS’ Politics & Institutions unit.