26 Apr 2012

Role and Potential Influence of Technologies

on the Most Relevant Challenges for Long-Term Care

Marta Mazzeo / Patrizia Agnello / Angelo Rossi Mori

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This report considers three case studies (namely diabetes, dementia and obesity) for setting up a framework to assess the systemic influences of technologies in the long-term care milieu, using a problem-driven approach in relation to health care. Such technologies could be an enabling factor or a catalyser of advances taking place in the health and social sectors. They offer opportunities to support and amplify relevant organisational changes in the context of innovative care models, which stem from overall policies and regulations of a national or regional jurisdiction to address the future sustainability of health and social care.

Marta Mazzeo and Angelo Rossi Mori are researchers at the eHealth Unit, ITB-CNR, Rome; Patrizia Agnello is a researcher at INAIL, associated with the same eHealth Unit.