20 Apr 2023

Rising to the challenge: EU actorness in climate policy and its global impact

Julia Teebken / Klaus Jacob

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EU climate policy has grown into an established policy field which generates its political relevance particularly at the international level. Over the past three decades, a complex global governance architecture has emerged and climate policy has been mainstreamed into many different policy areas because of its cross-cutting nature.

This CEPS In-Depth Analysis report identifies key areas where the EU should focus if it wishes to enhance its actorness and effectiveness in the climate policy domain. These strategic priorities include: procedures, participation, knowledge and the representation of core EU values, coordination and policy ambivalence, burden sharing, the participation of civil society and local actors, monitoring and reporting mechanisms, and trade.

This report is part of a series drawing on the outcomes of the EU-funded TRIGGER (Trends in Global Governance and Europe’s Role) project that ran from 2018 to 2022.

Using the conceptual framework developed as part of TRIGGER, the report moves beyond observing the characteristics of the EU as an actor to explore its actorness/effectiveness over time in a specific policy domain – in this case, climate change.