13 Nov 2015

Resource Efficiency Indicators for Policy-Making

Arno Behrens / Igor Taranic / Vasileios Rizos

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In the EU, resource efficiency has been high on the political agenda since 2011, when the European Commission first included it as one of the seven flagship initiatives in its Europe 2020 Strategy for “smart, sustainable and inclusive growth”. Resource efficiency is not only considered an environmental necessity, but also a political, economic and security opportunity.

This paper first stresses the benefits and opportunities for the EU of improving its resource efficiency. It then explains the added value of the www.measuring-progress.eu web tool, which aims to improve the way policy-makers and others involved in the policy process can access, understand and use indicators for resource efficiency. It provides practical examples of relevant indicators in the form of the EU Resource Efficiency Scoreboard and a case study showing how the web tool established by NETGREEN can be used in practice. The paper concludes with a number of policy messages.

Arno Behrens is a Research Fellow and Head of the Energy research programme at CEPS; Igor Taranic is a Research Assistant at CEPS; and Vasileios Rizos is a Researcher at CEPS.