21 Feb 2022

Research Priorities 2022

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The role of think tanks is more important than ever in revealing relevant trends and providing authoritative analysis to policymakers and other stakeholders. Based on a rigorous quantitative and qualitative analysis, CEPS will continue to make an essential contribution to the decision-making process by increasing awareness about new challenges and opportunities and providing educated insights. To this end, CEPS intends to concentrate its research activities for 2022 on three thematic clusters that follow on from its priorities in 2021: The role of the Union in a more contested world; Covid-19 crisis management and post-pandemic recovery; and internal governance of the EU.

In implementing these overarching research priorities, we assume a stronger multidisciplinary approach, to develop synergies between ongoing initiatives and new opportunities within each of our teams, as well as the reinforcement of CEPS’ data science capacity. Regarding the latter, CEPS seeks to develop ‘flagship initiatives’ in strategically important areas that will also raise the organisation’s international profile.