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Banking fragility rooted in justice failures Evidence from Ukraine
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Readings in European Security, Volume 5

12 June 2009

Readings in European Security, Volume 5

The fifth volume of Readings in European Security tackles the big issues of European and global security in these turbulent political and economic times, offering expert analysis under the following headings:

Is there a way for the Greater Middle East?

Does Europe Need a New Missile Defence System?

What is ‘just’ secession? (Is Kosovo unique?)

What prospects for normative foreign policy in a multipolar world?

Policies of the EU, Russia and US towards the Rise of China

The Strategic Consequences of the Global Financial and Economic Crisis.

Contributions are brought together from security experts from the EU, NATO, diplomatic missions, national governments, parliaments, business as well as media and independent experts who met within the European Security Forum during the period of July 2007 to March 2009.

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Readings in European Security, Volume 5
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