01 Nov 2005

Readings in European Security, Volume 3

Dana H. Allin / Michael Emerson

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The ambition of this latest volume of Readings in European Security is to serve as a prism, through which the EU’s external relations and security can be assessed, with contributions from its American and Russian partners. It contains the complete set of working papers (Nos. 16 through 20) during the period January 2003 to June 2005. International experts tackle strategic issues such as Russia’s relationship with the West, the rise of China (with special reference to arms supplies), Iran’s nuclear programme and European ‘homeland security’ against the background of global terrorism. On these issues and others, transatlantic relations continue to be more relevant than ever, with the US and the EU intertwined in the world’s tightest network of economic and societal relations. Further, Russia’s management of its security challenges also has an impact on its relations with the EU and the US. As the enlarging EU stretches to cover an expanding area of competence, its responses to these challenges affect not only its internal security, but increasingly that of its neighbours and other powerful actors on the world stage.