17 Sep 2021

Opportunities for International Cooperation on Digital Health

Lessons From the European Union

Nadina Iacob / Felice Simonelli

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The Covid-19 pandemic has brought to the forefront the role of sharing quality data in a timely manner to inform crisis management, public health and research. Moreover, the value of data is enhanced when countries cooperate and facilitate cross-border data flows. Policymakers should harness the value of health data and engage in a global discussion that strives for common, cross-border and effective digital health solutions to improve health outcomes for all. This policy brief argues for action in three key areas: establishing technical and legal building blocks, gaining end users’ trust, and fostering research, innovation and competition.

CEPS Researchers Nadina Iacob and Felice Simonelli produced this policy brief as a part of ‘Task Force 4 – Digital Transformation’, organised by The Think20 (T20), the official engagement group of the G20. The group serves as the ‘ideas bank’ of the G20 and aims to provide research-based policy recommendations to G20 leaders. This policy brief was finalised as part of T20 Italy, in advance of Italy’s hosting of the annual G20 summit from 30-31 October 2021.