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13 May 2015

A new tool in the box?

The cumulated cost assessment

Lorna Schrefler / Giacomo Luchetta / Felice Simonelli


CEPS Researchers Lorna Schrefler, Giacomo Luchetta and Felice Simonelli have published a new article in the European Journal of Risk Regulation, 1/2015, Lexxion, pp. 68-78.

The year 2013 has witnessed a new entry in the EU “better regulation” toolbox: the Cumulated Cost Assessment (CCA). The CCA is set to answer an apparently simple question: what is the cumulative cost imposed by a selection of EU rules and policies on a given economic sector? In this contribution we present the CCAmethodology and its building blocks, as well as the results of the first two empirical applications of this tool. More importantly, we elaborate on two key features that make the CCA a valuable addition to the better regulation toolbox: it creates a methodological bridge between the policy and competitiveness assessment instruments, and it clarifies empirically how a wide array of policies interact with one another when and after they are actually implemented, an element that is often a weak link in policy-appraisal. We conclude with some remarks on how the CCA opens the avenue for a set of challenging and interesting methodological and policy considerations.

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