21 Nov 2013

The New European Framework for Managing Bank Crises

Stefano Micossi / Ginevra Bruzzone / Jacopo Carmassi

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This Policy Brief describes and discusses the proposals for a European Single Resolution Mechanism (SRM) for banks and for a Directive on Bank Recovery and Resolution (BRR). The authors find that the proposals are generally well designed and present a consistent approach, yet there is room for improvement, including the streamlining of procedures for the start of resolution, which now entail much overlap in the powers attributed to the various institutions involved (the Commission, the Single Resolution Board and the European Central Bank). The paper makes a number of key recommendations to facilitate discussions for stakeholders and regulators.

Author Stefano Micossi is Director General of Assonime, Italy, and member of CEPS Board of Directors; Ginevra Bruzzone is Deputy Director General of Assonime and Jacopo Carmassi is an economist in Assonime.