18 Feb 2014

Mellowing Meroni: How ESMA can help build the single market

Jacques Pelkmans / Marta Simoncini

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In examining the long-awaited opinion given January 22nd by the CJEU in the case concerning the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA), this Commentary argues that the ruling is important for the insights it yields into the modern understanding of the Meroni non-delegation doctrine. The authors, Jacques Pelkmans and Marta Simoncini, aim to extract the potential implications of the ESMA case for the place and significance of the Meroni doctrine in building up the single market. They demonstrate that the ESMA case is yet another manifestation of a slow process of “mellowing Meroni’, which is a critical condition for a new single market strategy aiming to end the remaining fragmentation of the single market – not only in financial markets but also in network industries – and to ensure its ‘proper functioning’.

Jacques Pelkmans is a Senior Fellow at CEPS. Marta Simoncini is a FWO post-doctoral fellow at the Law School, University of Antwerp.