10 Jan 2014

Many worlds of the ‘low-skilled’, but only one generic policy

Miroslav Beblavy / Ilaria Maselli

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This paper, which draws on research findings from the NEUJOBS project, encourages EU and national policy-makers to invest in a more comprehensive view of the phenomenon of ‘low-skilledness’. The ‘low-skilled’ label can hide a number of different scenarios: labour market detachment, migration and obsolete skills that are the result of macroeconomic structural changes. For this reason, the authors argue that it is necessary to promote lifelong learning to allow workers to keep pace with new technologies and to shield workers from the risk of skills obsolescence and detachment from the labour market.

Miroslav Beblavý is an Associate Senior Research Fellow at CEPS and Coordinator of the NEUJOBS project. Ilaria Maselli is a Researcher at CEPS.