24 Jun 2021

Managed Expectations

EU Member States’ Views on the Conference on the Future of Europe

Minna Ålander / Nicolai von Ondarza / Sophia Russack

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The EU institutions (European Commission, European Parliament and Council) have diverging opinions on the aims and outcomes of the Conference on the Future of Europe. The Council has been the EU institution with the most reservations about the format and aim of the exercise. This scepticism, however, is the lowest common denominator of a more diverse set of priorities and expectations.

This report reveals what individual member states want to achieve with the Conference and their expectations of the potential results. It brings together short contributions from a representative cross-section of EPIN members and distils the essential aspects. It investigates the respective governments’ positions on institutional reform ideas, EU Treaty change, prioritised policy fields, plans for national citizen participation and media coverage, as well as the general current political environment regarding further EU integration.