01 Oct 2014

Making the institutions work better and more effectively together: Priorities for the New Commission

Philippe de Schoutheete

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Philippe de Schoutheete takes as his point of departure in this Commentary the assumption that institutional treaty change cannot be a priority, although he does not exclude that it may become possible and desirable at a later period of economic growth and greater self-confidence in public opinion. In a best-case scenario, he foresees that such a window of opportunity might open towards the end of the present legislature. But in the meantime, he advises concentrating attention on adapting the institutions to make them work better and work more effectively together.

Philippe de Schoutheete is former Permanent Representative of Belgium to the European Union and a former member of the CEPS Board of Directors. He currently serves as a member of the Board of Directors of Notre Europe. This CEPS Commentary is one of a special series aimed at contributing to the selection and review process of the new European Commission.