17 Aug 2017

Macron a Game Changer for Europe?

Daniel Gros


Daniel Gros has contributed a policy analysis to the Forum section of the July issue of Intereconomics, which is devoted to the European Digital Single Market. The article can be downloaded here, along with other contributions on this question.

The election of the youthful Emmanuel Macron as President of France has re-awakened the hope that the European Union could fi nally start moving forward again. Reforming the euro area seems an obvious fi rst step. However, this might be more diffi cult than commonly anticipated. Much has been made of the prospect of a new era of Franco-German leadership. However, the German part of it is unlikely to change. Moreover, France and Germany can only lead if other member states are prepared to follow. This might be much less likely than widely assumed …

Daniel Gros is Director of CEPS.