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04 Aug 2011

The Long-Term Care Workforce

Description and Perspectives

Joanna Geerts

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This ANCIEN project research report provides a comparative analysis of the size and composition of the long-term care (LTC) workforce in four European countries – Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, and Poland – each representative of a different type of LTC system. Trends over the 1993-2008 period show substantial differences in care worker density, with the Netherlands continuing to have the highest number of care workers relative to its older population. While in all countries care employment is predominantly female and the share of older workers is increasing, considerable variation exists in the educational profile of the care workforce, the share of foreign nationality care workers, and part-time employment rates. Using a stock-flow cohort projection model, the report illustrates the potential impact of demographic trends on the future number and age structure of care workers.

Author Joanna Geerts is a researcher in the Social Security Research Group at the Federal Planning Bureau, Belgium.