15 Jun 2010

The Long-Term Care System for the Elderly in Latvia

Kaspar Ilves / Baiba Plakane

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Launched in January 2009, ANCIEN is a research project that runs for a 44-month period and involves 20 partners from EU member states. The project principally concerns the future of long-term care (LTC) for the elderly in Europe and addresses two questions in particular:

1) How will need, demand, supply and use of LTC develop?

2) How do different systems of LTC perform?

This case study on Latvia is part of the first stage in the project aimed at collecting the basic data and necessary information to portray long-term care in each country of the EU. It will be followed by analysis and projections of future scenarios on long-term care needs, use, quality assurance and system performance. State-of-the-art demographic, epidemiologic and econometric modelling will be used to interpret and project needs, supply and use of long-term care over future time periods for different LTC systems.

For more information on ANCIEN, visit http://www.ancien-longtermcare.eu.