04 Oct 2008

Lending to Households 1995-2007 (Excel file only)

Marc Rothemund


The ECRI Statistical Package on Lending to Households in Europe is a collection of data on lending to households, including consumer credit, housing and other loans, in Europe, covering 35 countries: the 27 EU member states, two EU candidate countries (Turkey and Croatia) and five additional key global economies (the United States, Australia, Canada, Japan, Switzerland and Iceland). Its purpose is to provide reliable statistical information allowing users to make meaningful comparisons between these countries. Accordingly, definitions of concepts and aggregates from national authorities are provided. The package contains nominal data on major time series such as outstanding consumer credit, annual final consumption of households and annual disposable income. Data are presented in euro and in national currency. In addition, ratios of household indebtedness are calculated and illustrated by graphs. For some countries, tables presenting the composition of consumer credit stocks by lender and by instrument are also available.
No. of pp: 84 Tables and 37 Figures

For more info, see http://www.ecri.eu

The ECRI Statistical Package 2008 is available in the following versions and formats:
Consumer Credit in Europe (1995-2007) – PDF file: €380

Consumer Credit in Europe (1995-2007) – Excel file: €440

Consumer Credit in Europe (1995-2007) – Bundled PDF & Excel file: €550

Lending to Households in Europe (Includes all data from the Consumer Credit in Europe Statistical Package) (1995-2007) – Excel file: €600

Lending to Households in Europe (1995-2007) – Excel file plus PDF of Consumer Credit in Europe: €700