27 Nov 2006

Justice and Home Affairs Issues at European Union Level

Florian Geyer / Elspeth Guild

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As part of its extensive inquiry into justice and home affairs issues at the EU level, the UK House of Commons Select Committee on Home Affairs invited CEPS researchers Elspeth Guild and Florian Geyer to submit written and oral evidence at its inaugural session on 21 November 2006. With an emphasis on practical/operational problems and solutions, the inquiry covered a wide spectrum of JHA issues – ranging from the current state of progress in developing practical cooperation between member states, the benefits and problems connected to the principle of mutual recognition in contrast to approximation of criminal law over to institutional questions of decision-making on JHA issues, assessing developments such as the Treaty of Prüm as well as commenting on common border controls, enlargement and the free movement of people within the EU. CEPS’ written evidence is now available in this Special Report for free downloading. The Committee’s findings will be made public once the inquiry is concluded.