23 May 2012

Innovation Law and Policy in the European Union: Towards Horizon 2020

Andrea Renda / Massimiliano Granieri


This book provides a critical overview of innovation policy in Europe and a synopsis of the current institutional framework of Europe shaped after the Europe2020 strategy and in view of the upcoming Horizon2020 agenda. What emerges is a rather gloomy outlook for the future of Europe's innovation, unless EU institutions and member states decide to streamline existing policies and build a ‘layered’ model of innovation, in which governments act as investors in key enabling infrastructure such as ICT and education; as enablers of large technology markets where researchers and entrepreneurs can meet and as purchasers of innovation when key societal challenges are at stake. The book contains proposals for the future innovation strategy of the EU and a specific analysis of areas such as the unitary patent, the transfer of technology (particularly as far as climate-related technologies and IP markets are concerned), standardisation and the digital agenda. 

Andrea Renda is a Senior Research Fellow at CEPS where he heads the Regulatory Affairs programme. Massimiliano Granieri is Associate Professor of Comparative Private Private Law and  Professor of Economic Analysis of Law at the University of Foggia Law School.

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