08 Mar 2011

Innovation in the Health Sector in Turkey on Its Way to EU Membership

Zeynep Guldem Okem

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Turkey can look forward to important opportunities with respect to the innovative products and services that the health sector can generate. With a growing call for health services due to the size of its population and expanding insurance coverage, its geographical proximity to world markets and technological infrastructure, Turkey is a significant source of demand for innovative products and services from the health sector.
These are the main findings of a new study by CEPS Research Fellow Z. Güldem Ökem on strategic issues and recommendations for the development and enhancement of the innovation capacity in the three main areas of Turkey’s health sector, namely pharmaceuticals, medical devices and e-health services. The research project was supported by the Turkish Industry and Business Association (TÜS?AD).

The full text of this report is available in Turkish on the website of TÜSIAD:
Türkiye’nin Avrupa Birli?i’ne Üyelik Sürecinde Sa?l?kta ?novasyon