19 Dec 2007

Health Expenditure Scenarios in the New Member States

Country Report on Slovakia

Vladimír Kvetan / Viliam Páleník / Martin Mlýnek / Marek Radvanský

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As in other transforming economies, the Slovak economy was not able to avoid transformation recession. In its health care system, two negative effects have combined:
– impact of transformation recession on financial perspective of the health system and
– public sectors (with health system as a typical example) traditionally did not participate in the transformation process at all, or only made a partial transformation and were the last sectors to start transformation process.
This situation brings many challenges for Slovakia’s healthcare system for the future. In basic setting receipts and expenditures of healthcare system will be one of the greatest challenges, especially with best healthcare possible for citizens.
The goal of this work was to construct a macroeconomic model of revenues and expenditures of healthcare system in Slovakia and to apply this model in quantification of a basic forecast of the country’s healthcare budget and for sensitivity analysis. Aim of work is based on prediction of:
– life expectations
– real wage projection
– employment rate projection.