06 Dec 2006

Health and Morbidity in the Accession Countries Country Report

Slovak Republic

Vladimír Kvetan / Viliam Páleník

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Over the last 15 years, dramatic changes have been underway in the Slovak Republic in terms of both the health of the population and healthcare provision. This study provides information and key findings on the morbidity, health status and utilisation of healthcare services in the Slovak Republic.
In presenting the demographic picture in the country, the report highlights trends in fertility, morbidity and mortality rates. It points to the rising age of the population and stagnating population growth. An overview is also given of the current Slovak healthcare system and its organisation. The key legislative reforms that have driven changes in social benefits are summarised, along with their impact on the delivery of healthcare services.
The main characteristics of the health status of the population are then identified, from the perspectives of self-assessed health and healthcare utilisation, drawing on data from national surveys. Further analyses are undertaken using a logit model, which seeks to identify the factors that influence health status and the use of medical services. Detailed findings are presented by age group, gender, type of economic activity and marital status.

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