22 Nov 2018

Global Trends to 2035

Economy and Society

Daniel Gros / Cinzia Alcidi / Matthias Busse / Milan Elkerbout / Nadzeya Laurentsyeva / Andrea Renda


By Daniel Gros, Cinzia Alcidi, Matthias Busse, Milan Elkerbout, Nadzeya Laurentsyeva and Andrea Renda.

This major study maps and analyses current and future global trends in the fields of economics and society, covering the period to 2035. Drawing on and complementing existing literature, it summarises and analyses the findings of relevant foresight studies in relation to such global trends. It traces recent changes in the perceived trajectory of already-identified trends and identifies significant new or emerging trends. It also addresses potential policy implications of such trends for the European Union.

The full paper, written for the European Parliamentary Research Service, is available here.