16 Feb 2017

Fulfilment of National Objectives under the Renewable Energy Directive: State of play and projections

Arndt Hassel / Razvan Nicolescu / Christian Egenhofer / Andreea Nica / Sorin Elisei

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The EU Directive on the promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources contains the main body of the EU’s current renewable energy (RE) policy. Adopted in April 2009, the Directive provides a common framework for the promotion of energy from renewable sources in all EU member states. The act specifies binding national targets for the share of renewable energy (as a percent of gross final energy consumption) for each member state, which together amount to an EU-wide target of 20%. This report reviews the progress made to date by each member state towards fulfilling its target and offers projections about possible outcomes in the year 2020.

This report is the result of a collaborative effort between a team of researchers from the Energy and Climate Policy unit at CEPS (Arndt Hassel and Christian Egenhofer) and Deloitte (Razvan Nicolescu, Andreea Nica and Sorin Elisei). The text is being disseminated separately by both organisations.