07 Feb 2012

Availability and Choice of Care

Executive Summary of Work Package 3 of the ANCIEN Project

Sergi Jiménez Martín / Raquel Vegas Sánchez / Cristina Vilaplana

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Work Package 3 on the Availability and Choice of Care of the ANCIEN project aims to document the forces driving the choice of formal and informal care across European countries and to characterise the linkages between the type of care used by dependent people and a country’s institutional setting, which determines the supply of formal and informal care. Different issues related to formal and informal care choices and the LTC (long-term care) institutional setting in the EU have been analysed by the WP3 contributors. This research report summarises each partner’s contribution.

Sergi Jiménez-Martín is Associate Professor, Department of Economics, University Pompeu Fabra and Director of the FEDEA-LaCaixa Chair on Health Economics at FEDEA (Fundación de Estudios de Economía Aplicada), Madrid. Raquel Vegas Sánchez is a Research Analyst at FEDEA, and Cristina Vilaplana is Assistant Professor at the University of Murcia.