16 May 2008

The European Union 2005-2008: Crisis, impasse or renewed progress?

H.Onno Ruding

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In this CEPS Commentary, H.Onno Ruding, Director of the CEPS Board of Directors, explores whether the European Union was plunged into a state of real crisis following the negative referenda in France and the Netherlands in mid-2005 (and in which it is still mired) or is it simply experiencing one of the many hiccups or temporary impasses that have characterised the European integration process since the beginning. He finds the latter description more to the point. Moreover, he argues that what is now urgently needed – both for the sake of achieving further progress in European integration and creating more guidance and clarity for the citizens – is agreement on a political roadmap in pursuit of three distinct categories of action for Europe. The remainder of the paper outlines his action plan.