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Policy Contribution

European Security after the Paris Attacks

by Giovanni Faleg
24 November 2015

European Security after the Paris Attacks

Giovanni Faleg

Author: Giovanni Faleg

Series: CEPS Commentary   No of pp: 4

The November 13th terrorist attacks in Paris have prompted the European Union to activate the mutual assistance clause contained in Art. 42.7 of the EU Treaty. Member states are now entering the uncharted territory of large-scale conflict: will they join a French-led coalition of the willing, or is the military intervention against Daesh being Europeanised? This Commentary explores implications of the Paris attacks on European security and recommends coordinated and comprehensive responses to be taken within the EU framework.  
Giovanni Faleg is Associate Researcher in the CEPS Europe in the World research unit and Consultant to the World Bank Group. 

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    Giovanni Faleg
    Giovanni Faleg
    Associate Research Fellow
European Security after the Paris Attacks
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