03 Nov 2014

The EU Furniture Market Situation and a Possible Furniture Products Initiative

Andrea Renda / Roberto Zavatta / Alessandra Tracogna / Angelo Rodolfo Tomaselli / Matthias Busse / Julian Wieczorkiewicz / Federica Mustilli / Felice Simonelli / Giacomo Luchetta / Jacques Pelkmans / Alberto Bolognini

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This document contains the final results of the study “The EU furniture market situation and a possible furniture products initiative” submitted to the European Commission DG Enterprise and Industry within Framework Contract /ENTR/008/006. The research aimed at identifying whether a possible initiative on furniture products could respond to some of the main challenges currently affecting the sector. This study was prepared by a team of researchers from the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS), headed by CEPS Senior Research Fellow Andrea Renda, in cooperation with the Centre for Industrial Studies (CSIL), Demetra and Economisti Associati.