01 May 2004

EU Constitution

in the Making

Kimmo Kiljunen

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Late in 2001, the European heads of government established a Convention to explore the possibilities to make the European Union more democratic, more transparent and more efficient. Little could they have foreseen that the Convention would decide to fundamentally overhaul the existing European treaties and to replace them by an EU Constitution.
Kimmo Kiljunen represented the Finnish Parliament in the Convention. In this book he relates his experiences as a ‘conventionnel’ and explains the proposals of the Convention and how and why they came to be agreed. Drawing on his deep personal involvement in the whole process, Kiljunen presents a systematic overview of the draft EU Constitution combined with an insider’s account of the critical junctures in the work of the Convention.
Kiljunen’s chronicle reflects a strong commitment to the European challenge and a keen appreciation of the imperative that the EU Constitution eventually receives the support of the European publics. For this reason, it will be of particular value in informing the rounds of popular debate that will be occasioned by the ratification procedures in the member states. Written in a clear and accessible style, the book will remain a useful reference source for understanding the history of European integration and the EU Constitution.